Topics for 2020/21

Our topics and themes were shortened last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of our discussion topics will be carried forward for our 2020/21 meetings. More topics will be added to the program this summer. Meeting discussions will be presented in no particular order. Please check back for updates.

All sessions will begin with a meditation. Readings and presentations will be interactive and provide opportunity for discussion, some will involve handouts.

Potential Topics for 2020/21

  • The Higher Self . . . The Source (fire and essence) of the pattern of potential unfolding and that which is the space-time blueprint of the higher qualities awaiting self expression.
  • Rounds, Globes and Chains (Presentation) . . . The life cycle of evolution evolving on the seven spheres of the planet.
  • The Cross and Circle Symbols . . . Sacred symbols impart deep understanding and wisdom and communicate with our subconscious directly.
  • Serpent and Dragon Symbols . . . Divine wisdom and perfection.
  • Science and Scientists . . . When science recognizes the sacred and spirituality includes the scientific, humanity will emerge from duality.
  • The Dark Forces (Presentation) . . . Neither good nor evil would exist were it not for the Light they mutually throw on each other.
  • Free Will and Destiny (PowerPoint Presentation) . . . Understanding who we are is more than just luck. How does destiny and free will fulfill the divine plan versus simply accepting our fate?
  • Science and Scientists (cont’d) . . . Blending physics and meta physics to get to the root of all being.
  • Stanzas from the Book of Dyzan . . . Verses from the most ancient book of our time.
  • Stanzas from the Book of Dyzan (cont’d). . . From the sacred manuscripts revealed a little at a time when humanity is ready.

Other resources used during the weekly program will be:

  • Timeless Truths of the Secret Doctrine by Fiona C. Odgren
  • Insights From the Masters (A Compilation) by Fiona C. Odgren
  • Heart by Helena Roerich (Agni Yoga)
  • The Teachings of the Heart by Zinovia Dushkova
  • Oceans of Theosophy by W. Q. Judge
  • The Book of Dyzan by Zinovia Dushkova
  • The Book of Secret Wisdom by Zinovia Dushkova
  • Evolution of the Higher Consciousness (An In-depth Study into HPB‘s Teachings) by Pablo Sender
  • A Treaties on Cosmic Fire, etc . . . by Alice A. Bailey
  • Cycles of Eternity (An Overview of the Ageless Wisdom) by Tim Wyatt
  • other writings by W. Q. Judge and many other resources and periodicals