Tenets of Theosophy

Let thy soul lend its ear to every cry of pain – as the lotus bares its heart to drink the morning sun. H.P. Blavatsky, The Voice of Silence

It happens to all persons, at some period of their lives, to ask the questions: “From where have I come? Where do I go? Is all life mere chance? Does justice rule the world? Does God exist?”

Theosophy is a body of ideas which are very old. Theosophical thought is offered for examination and judgment.

The universe is not just a place where nature’s forces operate by chance. Every event that has happened from the beginning of time has happened according to certain laws inherent in the universe. These laws are expressions of consciousness.

Theosophy means the Wisdom of God. It is a statement of the modes of action of the Divine Mind.

Loving action is the Divine Wisdom at work, and whoever acts lovingly will inevitably come to the Wisdom.

It is to realize our true nature that we are born.

Our birth is an entrance into earthy life whereby we slowly unfold our faculties to the Divine Nature within us as experienced in a lifetime.