Welcome to the home-page of The Theosophical Society, Victoria, BC (Canada) located in beautiful Victoria on peaceful Vancouver Island. We hold weekly free public talks and discussion meetings on Monday afternoons, from September to June in a rented venue.

We meet in person to share our views on science, religion and spirituality.

It is exciting to let you know that our meetings begin September 18, 2023. We look forward to welcoming all those who may share a common interest and compassion for uplifting of humankind.

Please browse the drop down menu on this website for full details of the local Victoria Theosophical Society and how you may participate in and attend the group discussions.

We genuinely enjoy meeting new people and listening to any worldly viewpoints of a spiritual nature that you could share with our group of like-minded individuals.

The Theosophical Society of Victoria has a long standing harmony with Theosophical groups in Canada and the USA. The TS of Victoria offers the opportunity for inner evaluation of the divine path as an open route to self transformation.

The purpose of our meetings is that free minded discussions, unencumbered by prejudicial bias of race, religion, gender orientation may provide a peaceful environment to study Philosophy, Science, World Religions and the Arts among other topics of the day.

The idea of Theosophy sees mankind as a whole, becoming more effective, more creative, more loving, beyond what we are now. This will give way to an appreciation for the Wisdom of the Ages with respect to a universal understanding of helping humanity. If you are interested in this timeless world-view for modern day, then perhaps The Theosophical Society of Victoria may hold something for you.