Calendar of Meetings

Please check our website regularly for confirmation of dates and themes. Input is welcomed by the individual and participation is encouraged.


Unity Consciousness

  • Focusing on the light as we help unfold The Divine Plan for Humanity
  • Viewing Global Transformation from a higher state of awareness
  • Bringing Science and Spirituality together
    • Spirit and Matter are an undivided Whole
    • The beginning of non-duality and understanding the Oneness of Existence

Our schedule has been established and will resume on September 19, 2022 and will continue to June of 2023. Topics will be updated as required. The following schedule is suggested for public talks held in the Rotunda Room at 3787 Cedar Hill Road.

The meetings are the third Monday of each Month. Please refer to this schedule for future reference.

The following topics to be presented until December year end:

  • September 19thThe Challenge of Change, Sheilaigh Allan
  • October 17thConsciousness at the Time of Atlantis, Richard Desrosiers
  • November 21st Destiny and Freewill, Powerpoint Presentation, Bob Earle
  • December 12thLove Helping the Earth and the Essence of Zinovya Dushkova, Astrid Derkach