Calendar of Meetings

Theosophical Society of Victoria Meeting Schedule 2023/2024

The Meeting Schedule is listed below for 2023/2024. Input is welcomed by the TS members and participation is encouraged.


Unity Consciousness

  • Focusing on the light as we help unfold The Divine Plan for Humanity
  • Viewing Global Transformation from a higher state of awareness
  • Bringing Science and Spirituality together
    • Spirit and Matter are an undivided Whole
    • The beginning of non-duality and understanding the Oneness of Existence

We meet weekly at the Lutheran Church of the Cross located at 3787 Cedar Hill Road in the Rotunda Conference Room. This location is central to the wider population of Greater Victoria for ease of accessibility. If you find yourself in the Greater Victoria area, please feel free to join us.

The proposed schedule is to get us started meeting weekly as we did with past program timetables. The Theosophical Society regularly attracts interested people when topics are of interest to them.

Any changes to the schedule will be made available through our website.

Please call: 250-665-7418 or email: for further information.

Please keep this schedule of meeting dates for future reference.

Theosophical Society of Victoria Meeting Schedule