What Does the Wisdom Teach?

There are three basic ideas of Theosophy:

. . . The fundamental unity of all existence, so that all pairs of opposites – matter and spirit, the human and the divine, I and thou – are transitory and relative distinctions of an underlying absolute Oneness.

. . . The regularity of universal law, cyclically producing universes out of the absolute ground of being.

. . . The progress of consciousness developing through the cycles of life to an ever-increasing realization of Unity.

Since Universal Brotherhood and the Wisdom are undefined and unlimited, and since there is complete freedom for each and every member of the Society in thought and action, the Society seeks ever to maintain its own distinctive and unique character by remaining free of affiliation or identification with any other organization.

No teacher or writer from H. P. Blavatsky onwards, has any authority to impose their teachings or opinions on members.